Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Wonderful Warren Buffet – A Born Businessman!

You know readers, somehow I take great interest in writing about life stories of world famous corporate in the business field. Warren Buffet has been my all time favorite person to go ahead with. The business acumen, their determination and extraordinary courage to accept the challenges have made them path makers for the followers. I have decided to write few posts on Warren Buffet here. Hope you will read and enjoy my effort.  Warren Buffet was born on August 30, 1930.Howard was the name of his father.
Warren Buffet was born on August 30, 1930.Howard was the name of his father. The essence of business acumen made Warren stand apart in the crowd right from the beginning. There were many people who remembered his uncanny ability of pulling the business on. He had amazing interest in money and taking the business to next step.
Warren Buffet showed his skill at the age of six and took the world by surprise. He had purchased 6-coca colas for 25 cents and sold them making profit of 5 cents. Other children of his age were playing and Warren Buffet was involved in making money. He bought shares of $38 when he was 11.The these shares fell off, then again rebounded for $40. He then sold them. Within no time it went up to $200. Here Warren says he learnt a basic lesson of share market that is Patience! It proves to be a virtue in investing market.
Warren completed his schooling in 1947, not much interested in studies. At this juncture, he had$5000 in his bank account delivering the news papers. As every father dreams about his son, Warren’s father also had dreamt of sending him to a world famous business school Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania.

 Warren complained that he knew more than his professors. This time his father suffered a defeat. That made Warren to rush home and become a graduate in just three years. Ironically Harvard rejected him as ‘too young.’ Then he applied to Columbia which changed his life for the best. The professors at this college influenced on Warren Buffet’s life hugely.

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Geeta Rao.

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