Friday, May 28, 2010

Magnificent Jack welch

I am back to continue with Jack's busines conceptions.He writes chnage is a form of keep changing for the better.But this has to be before others force you to change then that is not a change it is a forced discipline

6)Change before you have to:-Willingness to change is a great strength,even it means plunging part of the company into total confusion for a while.

7) You can't believe how hard it is for the people to be simple:-How much they fear being simple.Clear and tough minded people are the most simple ones!

8) Fight bureaucracy:-This is what important chapter if life,brought all the fortune to Jack, we can say.He did not like the system run in GE from the first day itself.Becuse it was a stringent bereaucracy.He fought it!

9)Use the brain of your workers.:- Give them full freedom to work.

10)Discover who has the best ideas and put those ideas into practice:-Give scope for the young leaders.They are full of ideas,even one fails.there are hunderd ideas coming up!

Jack,did not give these tips just for the sake of giving tips.Every rule he has followed and come out victoriously!There is one more interesting formula of marketing. He used to fire the bottom ten percent of the employees,whose performance was very weak. At the same time rewarded the performing employees!Though this rule seemed ruthless, it produced great results in case of Jack.He proved himself world class CEO.Still he is teaching a handful students of management in Massachussetes.I wish we could have many more leaders like this.Aggressive,result oriented,highly focused and full of life!
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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Jack Welch-Tailor perfect CEO

My blog is incomplete if Idon't write about Jack Welch,CEO of GE.His life story is quite interesting and highly inspiring as well.When he joined GE,he served for a year,then he got a raise of $1000 per annum.He got furious and annoyed.Wanted to leave the company. He was against the hierarchy running in the company.Two grade higher than him,a boss did not want to lose Jack.He had seen an amazing spark in Jack.He took Jack and his wife out for a dinner.He told the whole story in front of Jack's wife and requested her to help him in persuading Jack!They had a lengthy dinner ended in 8 hours.At last Jack Welch agreed to stay back in the company provided the rules are changed! His boss agreed for this even.It means he was very sure Jack was an amazing magician.And Jack proved him right in the later years. Here am discussing his ten rules of the business.

1 Be candid with every one.-Transparency is the main key to win the trust

2Control your own destiny or someone else will:-Be firm on you decision

3I have learned that mistakes can often be as good a teacher as succes:-Mistakes are bound to happen or occur,better learn from them.

4If you pick the right people and give them the opportunity to spread their wings and put compensation as a carrier behind it you almost don' thave to manage them.:-He was for the employees and knew very well how to manage them.

5The team with best plyers wins:-He was addicted to the victory.For victory he was ready to do anything...............continued in the next blog!
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Monday, May 24, 2010

Culture cuisine!

Humour is the back bone of the British society. It has been used innumerable ways, to establish rapport, to break the ice, to create a sense of belongingness, to bridge the gaps and to introduce anything new, or to criticize. English people joke on anything under the Sun! They do not believe in any kind of restrictions either. They start from self, religion, politics, education, and even queen. I feel this attitude has made them grow up very much, and it has helped them to produce more ‘put of the box thinkers.’ One who laughs on himself surely is a person who has his ‘head on his shoulder.’ This is very much needed for the rest of us to obtain. Many a times humour is blended with understatement like ‘ Not bad’ …it means…. ‘Very good’ or ‘Not bad at all’ and it might be the highest praise you can get from them.
Every culture has got its own pro and cons. We need to get adjusted where we are following the thumb rule ‘Be a Roman in Rome.’ Britishers have indirect style of communication unlike Geramns,Americans and Dutch .They may not like to instruct you directly, instead they expect you to read between the lines. Sometimes this can prove very frustrating in this technology obsessed persons, but can’t help! That is the way they are. Since the British history has a rich background we need to understand the back ground as early as possible to be on a safer side.
Now the dressing sense of Britishers is changing drastically. Actually Britain is well known for its class society and conservative outlook. Work place relationship is very informal. Calling tutors by their first names and joining the students over a cup of coffee etc. Tutors are very mixing. Dressing style is personal depending on the rank or status you are holding. Tutors are wearing Jeans and pullovers.
It is a well known fact that British people do not like to complain. Whether it bad food or experience, they just gulp it up as they don’t like to create a big scene out of it. They are so gentle, if you raise voice or show your dissatisfaction openly, they may even become nervous. They prefer criticism always indirectly with a touch of humour. The Brits strongly believe in the system, hence they maintain queue system.

They are known world widely as reserved people, but British from north of England are very friendly. They will accept you instantly if you take part in the discussion like weather and even politics.
I should say that The British are extremely polite in the public. They go the extend of saying sorry when you stamp on their toes. ‘Sorry, thank you, excuse me’ are used very generously Let me write about the restaurant manners.
• You need to say thank you as the keeper opens the door.
• Again thank you when the menu is given in your hand.
• Say thank you when you place the order.
• Thank you when you get your dishes.
• Thank you when the pates are taken away
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Friday, May 21, 2010

Be considerate to your parents!

You know folks … as we grow up….we ought to overlook many things in life. Sometimes parents also become sitting duck. This short story touched me so here am sharing with you all! One day an old man of 80 asked his son who was forty ‘What was that bird over there?’ son who was aware of his father’s mental health answered ‘It is a crow’. This went for a long time repeating the same question and answer. Then at one point son lost the cool, went berserk! He started screaming at him loudly ‘Father can’t you understand? It is a crow….a crow!’
The old man smiled and went inside his room. There was a diary in his hand when he came out of the room. The old man had maintained a diary since his son was born. Old man handed the diary to his son and asked him to open and read.
When the son read it, the following words were written in the diary :-
“Today my little son aged three was sitting with me on the sofa, when a crow was sitting on the window. My son asked me 23 times what it was, and I replied to him all 23 times that it was a crow. I hugged him lovingly each time he asked me the same question again and again all 23 times”.
If your parents attain old age, do not repulse them or look at them as a burden, but speak to them a gracious word. Be considerate to your parents.
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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Positive thinking!

Recently I stumbled upon this story so thought of sharing with my readers.There were five tiny frogs held a race of climbing on top of a high tower.The D-day approached.All the contestants and the cheerers gathered to see what is happening.A few second later the race began.Every one around was cock sure that frogs will not even reach the upper part of the tower.

No one in the crowd believed that the race would be successful.All frog heard very discouraging cheering. 'You can not climb.' 'It is too high for you!' 'You aimed beyond limits.'etc.Out of five four frogs fell prey to the discouraging cheering. They got tire and some how couldn't climb up.One after another they all gave up.
One small frog kept on climbing.It was damn tired but kept on... and on... and on climbing.

All the other tiny frogs wanted to know how could this frog climb? One of them came forward to ask this victorious frog.A contestant asked the tiny frog how the one who succeeded had found the strength to reach the goal.At last they all came to know that the tiny frog was deaf!
It couldn't hear either good or bad cheering!He kept on trying and climbing.The wisdom of this story is:
Never listen to other people’s tendencies to be negative or pessimistic.
…cause they take your most wonderful dreams and wishes away from you. The ones you have in your heart! Always think of the power words have. Because everything you hear and read will affect your actions! Therefore: ALWAYS BE POSITIVE!
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Friday, May 14, 2010

stretch your talents!

Once a blind man was waiting by the road to cross as the road was very busy.Actually he was waiting for some help who could come and help him to cross.Then he felt a hand on his shoulder. "Excuse me." Said the person,'I am blind could you please help me in crossing the road?"
First blind man agreed to help the second blind man not revealing that he is also blind!Boldly he took him and crossed the road safely! Do you know folks who was the first blind man? He was jazz pianist George Shearing. He then shared this anecdote somewhere "What could I do? Helping him cross the road was biggest thrill for me!"
So there are times we feel 'no we can't do that'.It means we don't want to stretch ourselves!By force if we are pushed then we may come out with the best results discovering new excitement.We actually don't know our capabilities,because we have never put them to test! Try to put you talent to test some or the other point of life.
stretching, dependency, risk, achievement under pressure are the sweetest fruits you can have!Nowadays whether you like it or not you need to take stress,and achieve also a lot.So why not to take up with a smile?Especially corporate segment is having cut throat competition. in this field we need to incorporate these qualities..........bye....
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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Profession and family

Is your profession only your job? Think deeply on this question. When our body is resting our mind and involuntary muscles are at work! Our subconscious mind starts working full fledge.
You trade with profession for money. When your day ends as professional, it is just changing the role not leaving the job. You become a family man, social man or self made man. Your pressure at work is surely not an excuse! Your biggest responsibility is towards your self. Maintain cool And help others to maintain too. So we need to constantly upgrade ourselves in sanity happiness and growth. Invest time on your self. Take time to study, be with family, and spend time with your hobby or a pet. We see many persons the more successful they become in the corporate, the less patient they become! Think you are the heart of the system you have built, and if heart doesn’t function properly the whole thing gets collapsed.
You can not ignore the family at any cost. This is unwritten yet a strong rule we need to follow without a second thought. Neglecting parents and children surely affect you psychologically. Here many a time we fail to balance. Fun is the way of life as it reduces stress. True responsibility and joy lies in fulfilling all the roles successfully. What is the use of such a profession that makes you fail in carrying on other roles? Or you are failing in time management! Success lies in balancing professional as well as family life.
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Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Diversuty is the deepest sea.We see diversity around us in society,region,state,nation.Basic formula is all culuture is all cultures must be respected.But we see diversity in age,physical status,race,education,political ideology etc.It is a welcoming step to know others cultures.People respect you.Secondly there will be less conflicts.Thirdly problem are easily solved.Fourhtly business is more successful it means more job security.I strongly feel job security is in our hands only.Henry Ford had told 'we have to give three times more than what we get.'Tell me which company leaves you?

If you are going to any foreign countries on a business trip,then better know the names of that country's leaders.Speak and act in a formal way.Take their leader's name with respect.Avoid humor,profanity or over friendly language.It looks cheap and awkward.Use their titles.

Be punctual,whether it is formal or informal function.Coming late is considered as rude or impolite.Avoid talking about money.

Let me introduce you different cultures.
Japan:-The bow symbolises respect and humility.So we see Japanese bowing down most of the times.The 'OK'sign what we use is a symbol for money.The business card should be treated with respect.When some Japanese offer you a business card hold it with both the hands.They are very punctual people.They consider it is rude to be late for the business meetings.

China:-Opening a gift is very confusing task.Chinese believe that opening a gift in front of the giver is considered as an insult to the giver.It signifies gift is much more imporatant than the giver.So never open a gift infront of the Chinese if he has given!

Secondly triangle is considered as a negative shape.Don't gift wrap in triangle shape.

Thailand:-Bowing down is common in all three above said countries.In Thai culture head is considered as sacred.So never touch the head or pass an object over the head.
Never cross your leg in the presence of an older person,it means you are insulting that person.

I hope you will mind these manners,cheers!
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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Why etiquettes?

How you conduct yourself in your relationships with other
people will determine your future success.
It is important to be in the corporate protocol,because some or thw other time it may prove as a ladder of success for you!

Who does not want to be respected? Every one of us wants! So the formula is simple,if you want to be respected start giving respect first.Then they come back to you in bounty
The courtesies you extend to those will come back to you a
hundredfold. When we need to scold a person in a team we have to scold and guide him in private,but at the same time if he deserves good appreciation,then we have to appreciate in front of hundred people.Most of us do reverse! Then you can never rise to a leadership!

Cultural Courtesy
Cultural diversity
Sometimes in meetings we witness persons of multi culture.First of all we need to understand and practice all cultures must be respected.Understanding different cultures has become almost primary qualification in the industry.The more we know about the different cultures,the more confident we become!
Knowing what to do and having an understanding of cultural
differences eases the way to a long and profitable business association.
Learn a few words in your foreign guest’s language if you
want to change from cool to cordial. Visitors almost always appreciate that you
have taken some effort to make them feel welcome and comfortable.Speak with conviction.Eyes speak the truth,bodylanguage speaks louder than words.Don't try to become cultural police or moral police.Respect every culture with the same scale then rest will follow.
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