Monday, June 14, 2010

Corporate Etiquettes- Powerful Tool

I feel clothes we wear should be comfortable and we should be able to carry on.But Business world has some dress protocol.First Impression we get is always from clothes undoubtedly. So neat and pressed clothes are welcome!
Clothing tips for men for business meetings. Conservative two piece dark suit.

First rule of business dressing is bank on the conseravtive style of dressing.Navy blue or black is prefered. Long sleeved blue or white shirt.

Silk tie complimenting in color or style.

Black dress socks

Dark polished shoes with matching belt.

No body sprays only deo or after shaves are ok.

For women also dress and shoes with 1 inch heel.See that your footwear doesn't make a sound while you are walking .

Dress should not be body hugging or revealing.

Limited jewelries.

Hand shake is also impotant factor in corporate sector.

Weak shake hand conveys no confidence! On the otherhand very harsh or bonr crushing shake hand shows bossism.So go for a firm shake hand,with asmile on your face and a perfect eye contact.Your hand shake should end after three pumps.

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