Friday, June 11, 2010

Jack Welch-The teacher in guise of a businessman.Jack explains the importance of freedom for the employees.

Again I have come with rest of the business rules of Jack!
11Get Rid of Bureaucracy:-The way to harness power is your people." To turn them loose and get the management layers off their backs,the bureaucratic shackles off their feet and functional barriers out of their way.
12 Eliminate boundaries:-In order to mke sure that the people are free to reach for the impossible you must remove anything that gets in their way.' Boundarilessness' describes an open organization free of bureaucracy and anything else that prevents the free flow of ideas,decisions,people,etc. Informality,fun and speed are the qualities found in boundariless
13 Put Values first:-Don't focus too much on the numbers. Numbers aren't the vision.They are the products. 9focus more on the softer value of building team,sharing ideas,exciting others.
14:- Cultivate Leaders:-Cultivate leadres who have the four 'E's. Energy,Energize,Edge and execution.Leader who share values of your company and deliver on commitments.
15Create a learning culture:-Turn your company into learning organization.To spark free flow of communication and exchange ideas.'The desire and ability of an organization to continuously learn from any source any where and to rapidly convert this learning in to action is its ultimate

competitive advantage.

16 Involve everyone:-Business is capturing intellect from every person.The way to engender enthusiasm it to allow employees fr more freedom and far more responsibility.

Next few rules in the next post.

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