Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Corporate Story

Today I want to share a story with you people.One day a bus driver took his bus on the road.Few passengers were also there.One day driver took his bus smoothly on the road.Many passengres were seated there.On the next stop a huge guy entered the bus.six feet tall and a built like a wrestler.He glared at the driver and told in a hoarse voice. " Big John doesn't pay." This became a thing of agony for the driver. He could neither swallow nor face the situation. It was intolerable to driver.He thought of a plan. Driver joined body building classes and karate and judo all that stuff.Next Monday again the driver took the bus on the road. Again that huge figure John entered the bus. He said again" Big John doesn't pay!" and driver got charged and asked " why not?" Then looking surprised John answered" Bog John has a bus pass!"

Bottom line:-Be sure that there is a problem worth spending time on!

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