Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ingvar Kamprad-with perfect business acumen.

All these biographies that I am writing surely bring out corporate communication. Successful corporate communicator will surely be good business man. Because he uses his communication skills as communication tools for his business. I feel Ingvar is a master in corporate communication.

Competition Leads to Innovation

IKEA has now become known worldwide for its innovative and stylish designs. Almost all IKEA products are designed to for flat packaging, which reduces shipping costs, minimizes transport damage, increases store inventory capacity, and makes it easier for customers to take the furniture home themselves, rather than needing delivery. But the original reason for it was competitive pressure from IKEA's competitors to their suppliers, who actually boycotted IKEA, forcing IKEA to do it themselves.

Ingvar’s strong belief and vision are the driving force behind IKEA’s success. Kamprad believes that companies don’t exist to improve the lives of people, but to improve the people themselves. The self-service store design and ease of assembly of their furniture are not merely cost controls, but an opportunity for self-sufficiency. This vision is reinforced in their advertising and catalog, as well.

Frugality and Charity:
On the one hand, Kamprad has a reputation for being, well, "cheap". He takes the subway to work, and when he drives, it's an old Volvo. Rumor is that when he stays in a hotel, if he feels the urge to drink one of those expensive sodas from the wetbar, he replaces it later with one picked up from a nearby convenience store. Yet IKEA has a long tradition of community outreach and philanthropy, with each store encouraged to support local causes, plus international sponsorship of UNICEF and others.

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