Friday, September 24, 2010

Kushal Pal Singh – The Person with acute fore sight raised a $30 million company

The person who is good at his corporate communication will come up. The recent strategy tells 12.05% is our technical knowledge and corporate communication should be 85.05%! I was amazed to read this but felt this must be true! Kushal Pal Singh was born on August 15,1931, at Uttar Pradesh. Today he owns a real estate company DLF one of India’s largest real estate developers with an estimated land bank of 3,000 acres. He has proved himself as an excellent corporate communicator.Kushpal went to UK to enroll himself in aeronautical engineering; he got selected for Indian Army by British Officers UK. Started his career by joining army at Dehradun. That was the beginning of his high flying career. In 1960, he joined American Universal Electric Company. It was a joint venture of his family and the American company. With his hard work and determination he became Managing Director of this company.He was trailed by fortune everywhere! Kushal Pal Singh Joined DLF in1979.This is all achieved by him because he had the perfect foresightedness and courage to move towards that! Still he has been an inspiration to many budding businessmen. He is an institution himself in corporate communication.Kushal Pal Singh also held a number of professional positions in India. He was the President of the ASSOCHAM (Associated Chamber of Commerce and Industry of India) and the PHD Chambers of Commerce & Industry. K.P. Singh is also the recipient of the ‘Delhi Ratna’ Award for his valuable contribution to Delhi.

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