Monday, April 19, 2010

the jewels story (enjoyment, fulfillment, possession, wealth, materialism, greed)

Today I remembered a story, so sharing with you. Once there was a greedy rich person. He had an unquenchable thirst for hoarding wealth. He kept on collecting the most precious jewels around the world. One like minded visitor came to him and wished to see his riches. Surprisingly greedy person agreed to display his wealth in front of the visitor. So the most precious jewels were brought out in the tight security. The visitor was gaped at them! While leaving, the visitor showed his courtesy by saying ‘thank you very much for sharing your jewels.’ The greedy person suddenly yelled ‘I didn’t share with you! They are all mine only!’
Then the visitor told him ‘yes of course, they are yours only. But we enjoyed the same looking at them. The difference between me and you is buying and safe guarding them all the time.’
I don’t want to become philosophic here, but there is a solid point hidden in this story. There is no ceiling for materialism and greed.We need to put a ceiling!The need of the hour!

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