Monday, April 26, 2010

Meal Manners make or break you!

Off late I attended a dinner in an expensive hotel.Ambiance was exorbitant and exquisite.And delicasies were mouth watering.Still I could not enjoy dinner because I was seated next to a person who was horrandous with his meal meal manners. So I thought of inking a few.Do not go to dinner party with empty stomach.Because you hog on food.Keep control on your hunger!Eat little and go to such parties.

firstly take a bite size only.If they sre smaller the better! Do not over stuff your mouth with food bite.Be very careful about this.
secondly don't try even to talk when you have food in mouth.If you spit the food while talking then God also will not save you from cuttin sorry figure.
If at all you ought to speak then cover your moth and speak.
Eat noiselessly as far as possible.
Do not fill all the variety at once.You can have as many services as you need.No one is going to stop you.
Do not taste from other's plate out of affinity.Neither you can offer from yours plate.
Keep mobile phones in silent mode.
Never season without tasting the food that is considered as an insult to cook!
If a lady of the house has cooked means you are insulting her directly. Taste the food and then if you feel then you can add pepper and salt.if you see any person taking medicine then don't ask him the reason!It is against corporate etiquette.
While leaving the table don't ask others where are they going. That is none of your business.
Keep three feet distance at least while having dinner in buffet style.
While leaving at last thank the host and hostess
Don't go empty handed when you are invited for dinner.

The rest in the next post have a happy dinner

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