Friday, April 16, 2010

Positive attitude

Today am in a mood to tell you a story. A boy was very naughty,used to do all sorts of juggling and acrobats.He fell down and met with an accident badly.His father rushed him to the hospital.There in the hospital also he was hyperactive.He had bandage on forehead and hand.Kept on playing in his hospital room itself. Then he found one coin. He was so happy to collect it.When his father came he told him that he was very lucky as he got a coin! His father smiled gently and looked deep in to his eyes.Father was thinking 'may be this is what positivity! in spite of all the ill happenings that boy could see only good happening.'
Sometimes we are not able to see positivity just around us.We need to develop this attitude first.Remember good things in the middle of bad times.This practice keeps you alive and positive.Positivity should be incorporated as it could not be bought!So be positive....good times are ahead...!

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