Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Why corporate?

I just winder why we need to go to corporate and then learn all the basic etiquette?
If we are good by heart and good human beings then life becomes so easy! Where are we lacking I don't know.Corporate Etiquette can teach you how behave in parties or if the office,My concern is if you are meticulous and disciplined then you float with the flow effortlessly.

The basic qualification is good human being.There is no dearth of knowledge,intelligence and the skills among youngsters.What they need is to incorporate the right attitude,which is missing!World wide statistics shows 53% of companies fail because of poor performance by HR.Nowadays we lack good managers nothing else. A good leader can sway the people the way he likes!That is the charisma! But being good leader takes a lot.A leader is not born he is made nowadays.Anybody can be the leader if he has got those qualities.A leader has to be powerful package of everything.Then he can take his own company whatever altitude he wishes!

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