Friday, May 28, 2010

Magnificent Jack welch

I am back to continue with Jack's busines conceptions.He writes chnage is a form of keep changing for the better.But this has to be before others force you to change then that is not a change it is a forced discipline

6)Change before you have to:-Willingness to change is a great strength,even it means plunging part of the company into total confusion for a while.

7) You can't believe how hard it is for the people to be simple:-How much they fear being simple.Clear and tough minded people are the most simple ones!

8) Fight bureaucracy:-This is what important chapter if life,brought all the fortune to Jack, we can say.He did not like the system run in GE from the first day itself.Becuse it was a stringent bereaucracy.He fought it!

9)Use the brain of your workers.:- Give them full freedom to work.

10)Discover who has the best ideas and put those ideas into practice:-Give scope for the young leaders.They are full of ideas,even one fails.there are hunderd ideas coming up!

Jack,did not give these tips just for the sake of giving tips.Every rule he has followed and come out victoriously!There is one more interesting formula of marketing. He used to fire the bottom ten percent of the employees,whose performance was very weak. At the same time rewarded the performing employees!Though this rule seemed ruthless, it produced great results in case of Jack.He proved himself world class CEO.Still he is teaching a handful students of management in Massachussetes.I wish we could have many more leaders like this.Aggressive,result oriented,highly focused and full of life!

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