Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Diversuty is the deepest sea.We see diversity around us in society,region,state,nation.Basic formula is all culuture is all cultures must be respected.But we see diversity in age,physical status,race,education,political ideology etc.It is a welcoming step to know others cultures.People respect you.Secondly there will be less conflicts.Thirdly problem are easily solved.Fourhtly business is more successful it means more job security.I strongly feel job security is in our hands only.Henry Ford had told 'we have to give three times more than what we get.'Tell me which company leaves you?

If you are going to any foreign countries on a business trip,then better know the names of that country's leaders.Speak and act in a formal way.Take their leader's name with respect.Avoid humor,profanity or over friendly language.It looks cheap and awkward.Use their titles.

Be punctual,whether it is formal or informal function.Coming late is considered as rude or impolite.Avoid talking about money.

Let me introduce you different cultures.
Japan:-The bow symbolises respect and humility.So we see Japanese bowing down most of the times.The 'OK'sign what we use is a symbol for money.The business card should be treated with respect.When some Japanese offer you a business card hold it with both the hands.They are very punctual people.They consider it is rude to be late for the business meetings.

China:-Opening a gift is very confusing task.Chinese believe that opening a gift in front of the giver is considered as an insult to the giver.It signifies gift is much more imporatant than the giver.So never open a gift infront of the Chinese if he has given!

Secondly triangle is considered as a negative shape.Don't gift wrap in triangle shape.

Thailand:-Bowing down is common in all three above said countries.In Thai culture head is considered as sacred.So never touch the head or pass an object over the head.
Never cross your leg in the presence of an older person,it means you are insulting that person.

I hope you will mind these manners,cheers!

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