Monday, May 24, 2010

Culture cuisine!

Humour is the back bone of the British society. It has been used innumerable ways, to establish rapport, to break the ice, to create a sense of belongingness, to bridge the gaps and to introduce anything new, or to criticize. English people joke on anything under the Sun! They do not believe in any kind of restrictions either. They start from self, religion, politics, education, and even queen. I feel this attitude has made them grow up very much, and it has helped them to produce more ‘put of the box thinkers.’ One who laughs on himself surely is a person who has his ‘head on his shoulder.’ This is very much needed for the rest of us to obtain. Many a times humour is blended with understatement like ‘ Not bad’ …it means…. ‘Very good’ or ‘Not bad at all’ and it might be the highest praise you can get from them.
Every culture has got its own pro and cons. We need to get adjusted where we are following the thumb rule ‘Be a Roman in Rome.’ Britishers have indirect style of communication unlike Geramns,Americans and Dutch .They may not like to instruct you directly, instead they expect you to read between the lines. Sometimes this can prove very frustrating in this technology obsessed persons, but can’t help! That is the way they are. Since the British history has a rich background we need to understand the back ground as early as possible to be on a safer side.
Now the dressing sense of Britishers is changing drastically. Actually Britain is well known for its class society and conservative outlook. Work place relationship is very informal. Calling tutors by their first names and joining the students over a cup of coffee etc. Tutors are very mixing. Dressing style is personal depending on the rank or status you are holding. Tutors are wearing Jeans and pullovers.
It is a well known fact that British people do not like to complain. Whether it bad food or experience, they just gulp it up as they don’t like to create a big scene out of it. They are so gentle, if you raise voice or show your dissatisfaction openly, they may even become nervous. They prefer criticism always indirectly with a touch of humour. The Brits strongly believe in the system, hence they maintain queue system.

They are known world widely as reserved people, but British from north of England are very friendly. They will accept you instantly if you take part in the discussion like weather and even politics.
I should say that The British are extremely polite in the public. They go the extend of saying sorry when you stamp on their toes. ‘Sorry, thank you, excuse me’ are used very generously Let me write about the restaurant manners.
• You need to say thank you as the keeper opens the door.
• Again thank you when the menu is given in your hand.
• Say thank you when you place the order.
• Thank you when you get your dishes.
• Thank you when the pates are taken away

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