Saturday, May 1, 2010

Why etiquettes?

How you conduct yourself in your relationships with other
people will determine your future success.
It is important to be in the corporate protocol,because some or thw other time it may prove as a ladder of success for you!

Who does not want to be respected? Every one of us wants! So the formula is simple,if you want to be respected start giving respect first.Then they come back to you in bounty
The courtesies you extend to those will come back to you a
hundredfold. When we need to scold a person in a team we have to scold and guide him in private,but at the same time if he deserves good appreciation,then we have to appreciate in front of hundred people.Most of us do reverse! Then you can never rise to a leadership!

Cultural Courtesy
Cultural diversity
Sometimes in meetings we witness persons of multi culture.First of all we need to understand and practice all cultures must be respected.Understanding different cultures has become almost primary qualification in the industry.The more we know about the different cultures,the more confident we become!
Knowing what to do and having an understanding of cultural
differences eases the way to a long and profitable business association.
Learn a few words in your foreign guest’s language if you
want to change from cool to cordial. Visitors almost always appreciate that you
have taken some effort to make them feel welcome and comfortable.Speak with conviction.Eyes speak the truth,bodylanguage speaks louder than words.Don't try to become cultural police or moral police.Respect every culture with the same scale then rest will follow.

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