Friday, May 14, 2010

stretch your talents!

Once a blind man was waiting by the road to cross as the road was very busy.Actually he was waiting for some help who could come and help him to cross.Then he felt a hand on his shoulder. "Excuse me." Said the person,'I am blind could you please help me in crossing the road?"
First blind man agreed to help the second blind man not revealing that he is also blind!Boldly he took him and crossed the road safely! Do you know folks who was the first blind man? He was jazz pianist George Shearing. He then shared this anecdote somewhere "What could I do? Helping him cross the road was biggest thrill for me!"
So there are times we feel 'no we can't do that'.It means we don't want to stretch ourselves!By force if we are pushed then we may come out with the best results discovering new excitement.We actually don't know our capabilities,because we have never put them to test! Try to put you talent to test some or the other point of life.
stretching, dependency, risk, achievement under pressure are the sweetest fruits you can have!Nowadays whether you like it or not you need to take stress,and achieve also a lot.So why not to take up with a smile?Especially corporate segment is having cut throat competition. in this field we need to incorporate these qualities..........bye....

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