Saturday, May 8, 2010

Profession and family

Is your profession only your job? Think deeply on this question. When our body is resting our mind and involuntary muscles are at work! Our subconscious mind starts working full fledge.
You trade with profession for money. When your day ends as professional, it is just changing the role not leaving the job. You become a family man, social man or self made man. Your pressure at work is surely not an excuse! Your biggest responsibility is towards your self. Maintain cool And help others to maintain too. So we need to constantly upgrade ourselves in sanity happiness and growth. Invest time on your self. Take time to study, be with family, and spend time with your hobby or a pet. We see many persons the more successful they become in the corporate, the less patient they become! Think you are the heart of the system you have built, and if heart doesn’t function properly the whole thing gets collapsed.
You can not ignore the family at any cost. This is unwritten yet a strong rule we need to follow without a second thought. Neglecting parents and children surely affect you psychologically. Here many a time we fail to balance. Fun is the way of life as it reduces stress. True responsibility and joy lies in fulfilling all the roles successfully. What is the use of such a profession that makes you fail in carrying on other roles? Or you are failing in time management! Success lies in balancing professional as well as family life.

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